Melissa Dana, Reiki Master/Teacher, EAMP/LAc, Dipl OM, CMT

Meet Melissa

Melissa Dana is a Reiki Master/Teacher, and acupuncturist/herbalist that has been helping people heal themselves for almost ten years. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Seattle, Black Pine Holistic Healing, she loves teaching the curious to play in the world of Reiki and energy work.



Quality Assurance

Customize your gemstone affirmation mala

Built for Use

  • 49-strand, soft-draping beading wire
  • Fixed-placement spacer beads
  • Mobile counting beads
  • Customized to your needs

Abrasion can cause a gemstone mala to break fabric thread; for this reason Starfire Healing Works only uses a beading wire comprised of bundled stainless steel. Fixed-placement spacer beads ensure minimal fallout should the wire break over time, as only one-quarter of the beads are strung between these anchors. Open space between anchors provides room to move beads during recitation. This makes the malas easy to use for those with larger fingers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • No plastic
  • Biodegradable burlap
  • Biodegradable hemp twine
  • 100% recycled paper

No plastic will be used for packaging or shipment of your item. Each mala is tucked away in a reusable and biodegradable burlap pouch, secured in 100%-recycled paper pillowbox. When shipped, malas travel safely in a recyclable cardboard box.


Close up on gemstone affirmation mala

Natural Gemstones

  • No dyes
  • No colored waxes
  • No synthetics

Melissa has made it a priority to find gemstone distributors who provide truly natural stones — free from dyes, colored waxes or synthetics. While this impacts cost for supplies, she believes the difference speaks for itself. Where and/or when it has not been possible to source natural stones, she includes treatment method for your reference.